The production process

Planned to give the club
the equipments the want, ready to use exactly when they need them.

Buying sportswear must be easy. You already have enough work organising the teams, trainers, facilities, signing up the teams in the leagues, getting people to fill the forms, getting sponsors and a hundred other things.

We have designed this process to make sure you get what you need, when you need it, exactly as you planned it.

This proces is the result of the experience with over more than 2.000 satisfied clubs.


The club get in touch with GEFF through:


A partner will be assigned to you, who will contact you within the next 24 hours and will:

  • Advice you
  • Recommend products for you
  • Help you with budget
social media designs

The partner will suggest designs for the club, with their logos, crests and colours:


  • From scratch
  • From what the club has done in the designer
  • Guided by the club’s Get Inspired preferences


The club gives a list with each player’s size, name and number:



We manufacture the equipments

  • Shirts and shorts: within 15 working days
  • Tracksuits and other products: within 30 calendar days

Do you need them before? Get in touch with us now and we will do our best.


We deliver the equipments

  • You can pick them up in our factory near Madrid, Spain
  • We send them through a carrier (the delivery date will depend on the carrier and club’s location)

Think no further. Get started now.

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