Here are some of the most common questions asked by customers or people interested in the kits. You may find your question already answered here, but if you do not find the answer you need or prefer to communicate directly with someone, we will be happy to talk to you. Write to us, call us or send us your question using the contact form:

How much does it cost to add the logos, names and numbers?

All of the names, numbers and logos of the club and the sponsors are already included in the price. You can print all of the logos that fit on your shirt (for the same price). You can change the logos for each team – and you can have different sponsors for each team! All of this is possible because, unlike most of our competitors, we print by sublimation.

How can I obtain a personalised design for my team?

You can use our online platform and select the model, graphic design and colours. There are over 1000 possible combinations! However, if you want something different, you can also send us your own design. For logos, you should send them in to be incorporated into the next stage and you must approve everything together before production starts. Need help using the design tool? Click on this link to read a short tutorial: How to design step by step.

What is the minimum amount?

The minimum initial order is for a team (about 10 kits). However, we can do replacements of individual garments.

How long after the first order can I ask for replacements?

You can replace the shirts anytime, even several years later. There is no time limit because we do not work with stocks, but rather we manufacture each product especially in Spain.

Is it necessary to sign a permanence agreement?

No, you can buy when you want and stop buying whenever you want.

At what point do bulk discounts apply?

The special offers at apply to orders of more than 50 kits.

How I can send a design that I created myself?

Contact us and we will recommend the best option depending on the file size.

Are GEFF kits more expensive than others in the market?

Because the names, numbers and sponsors are included in the price, GEFF kits are cheaper than most other brands. But furthermore, as replacements can be provided at any time, the club never has to buy everything again. You can just order the shirts that are really needed because we never run out of stock.

What colours I can use?

You can use any colour, without restrictions.  However, in order to make the process faster we recommend that you choose from among the colours 50 on the colour table.

For logos, we use your own colours: you will not have any problems with the corporate image of the companies that support your club.

How do the colours react to washing? Do they fade?

Sublimated colour, unlike older methods, is 100% washable. The colours remain unchanged. The graphics do not come off because, with dye-sublimation printing, they become part of the fabric.

How should we calculate the sizes?

In these tables of measurements you can see how the sizes will be and compare them with the shirts and trousers that are comfortable for your athletes in order to choose them accurately. For the children’s sizes, the measurements are unisex. Click on each image in order to see them in a size that is suitable for human eyes and to print them out.

What kind of file should be the logos to be submitted so that they can be printed?

The logos should be sent in vector graphics files in Adobe Illustrator (. Ai), PDF or EPS format. Alternatively, you can send us high resolution JPG files in full size at 300 dpi (but this is not recommended).

What is a vector graphics logo?

You can read the Wikipedia explanation at this link:

How I can tell if a logo is high resolution?

Open the file in one of the known editing programs and check the file in image configuration. If in doubt, send it to us and we will check this.

How long does the manufacturing process take?

Our commitment for Web design kits is 15 days from the time that the sketch is approved and we have all of the information, and one week for the Express shirts.

How are deliveries organised?

You will not go crazy when organizing the clothes received: we organize deliveries by team, not for the whole club mixed together.

How can I pay? / What are the forms of payment accepted?

The terms of payment are 50% with confirmation of the order and the rest before the shipment of the products. We accept payment by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

Can the club sell GEFF products to its members and friends?

Yes, we have a tool that some clubs use to obtain income from their brand rights on their products. This is the online club store. You can read more about this resource at and see some examples at and, if you have any questions, we will be happy to discuss them with you and together we can work out the best model for your club.

What is the Express Shirt?

The Express shirt is printed ready-made and is therefore faster and cheaper. Its price, for any amount (including all logos, names and numbers) is 9 Euros plus VAT. This excludes delivery (15 Euros + VAT, for the whole order). In the table that you can see by clicking here you can see the differences (where it says “Web Design” it refers to “Fully designable”). You can also see the designs available for the Express shirt here.

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