Do you want to know how we manufacture the sportswear sports clubs and athletes love? 

Watch this video and see the whole industrial process.

Do you want to see some of the  stunning designs other clubs have created?

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Free Design 

Each club with its identity, each team with its sponsor, each player with his/her name: It is all included.

Permanent replenishments

You can request the individual pieces of sportswear you may need at any time. 

On-time delivery

We manufacture in Europe. We guarantee deliveries within 15 working days.

We know your sport

Sport Kits with identity

With over 20 years of experience in the textile industry, we offer the best solution for shirts and sports kits. We manufacture in Spain, not only football shirts, basketball shirts, rugby shirts, handball shirts, volleyball shirts, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics suits, etc, but also many more products, such as training shirts, warm-up sweatshirts, trousers and tracksuits that match the kit.


The most important feature of our kits, in addition to the high textile quality, is the limitless design possibilities which allow each club to strengthen its own identity, order replacements at any time and have sponsors for each team.

Free online design platform

Each club can design its own shirt and tracksuit with our tool. The design of the shirt is absolutely unlimited and very easy to implement. Our shirts stand out from all of the others in the league due to the brightness of the colours and the thousands of creative possibilities.

Advantages of our kits

Replacements can be ordered for new players at any time. The names and numbers are printed on the shirt, together with the logos of the sponsors. There are no extra costs and no need to take the shirts back and forward for marking. All designs and graphics are available at no extra cost. The kits for each sport have a special cut adapted to its needs. The process shall be designed to optimise costs in order to provide the best possible value for money. Simple and efficient: we always meet deadlines.

The best sports equipments

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